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7 Reasons Why Red Hed is Superior

7 Reasons Why Red Hed is Superior

Sure, Red Hed has plenty of products that are specifically designed for the water utility industry and made of exceptional materials and construction. But that's not the only reason why we're so popular with waterworks departments. Here's a quick look at why Red Hed provides your utility or company with the very best options.

1. Lead-Free

Space Saver Flange Unpacked

In most parts of the industry, that means meeting the minimum standards allowed by current lead-free regulations. To create a 100% lead-free fitting or fixture  such as we make, it requires better quality of work and attention to detail. We made the lead-free transition far before the 2012-2014 transition.

2. Small Shop

Our company's origins were in the machine shop, developing customized parts for a wide range of water utility  customers. We have the knowledge and experience to help you with almost any small quantity special order. Have a tough time trying to find the right part for a hard-to-find component? Let us create it for you.

3. Lead Time

We keep a wide assortment of standard components on the shelf and ready to go. This means that virtually any configuration of a valve or flange you may need can be delivered within a short period of time. A simple request starts the process of assembling those components, with a fast turnaround time to get it to your door. Give up on long wait times for the fixtures or fittings you need.

4. Personal Service

When you call Red Hed's office, you can get the shop foreman in person. Tired of getting confusing answers from people who don't seem to grasp the problem? Instead of getting the runaround from customer service department, you can get quick answers to any technical questions directly from the source.

5. Customized

If your water utility needs something that no one else makes, we have the capability and experience to create that part for you. We can work with you from paper concept to CAD or Solid-Works to develop that part for you. Once you're satisfied with the design, we'll make a quote for your approval, and then manage the process to build it and package it to your site.

6. History

Red Hed Brass

Red Hed has a strong history as a staple of the New England water utility industry for decades. Our years of experience help us create components designed to specifically meet the demands and challenges of the water utility industry. At the same time, we have a strong tradition of looking forward, making changes to our high-quality products years ahead of industry wide changes.

7. Machining

When you need help with special machinery, our capabilities are virtually endless. We're affiliated and set up to serve the water utility industry. We have access to CNC machinery, tapping and drilling machines and turret lathes and can help you create the high quality customized solutions your water utility needs without having to outsource the work to shops that do not have our focus on excellence.

With these aspects to our business at your disposal, your organization can greatly benefit from our experience and services. If you'd like help finding the right solution to your water utility issue, please feel free to contact us today. We're always happy to help you solve all your waterworks woes.

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