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What Do You Need to Know to Order Lead Flange Adapters

What Do You Need to Know to Order Lead Flange Adapters

When you're replacing a lead water service from a house to the main or curb stop, where do you find an adapter to link the corporation or curb to the new copper or CTS service line? Here's a quick look at what you'll need to know to order the right lead flange adapter to make a great connection to a new service line.

Determine the threads for the existing valve

Though it seems tricky, the easiest way to find out what thread you'll need is by matching the flare nut. You can approach it a couple ways. You can bring it into the local water utility to see if they have a record of adapters used in the past or use a thread gauge to determine the exact thread. You also have the option of sending the flare nut to RedHed to have us do the work for you. If you determine the thread yourself, you'll need a diameter and a number to show threads per inch.

Determine your outlet size

3/4" and 1" compression outlets are fairly common, though some water utilities or codes still require flared fittings. We're also able to provide you with flange adapters for 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 2" outlets.

Decide how many you need

Once we know what thread and outlet sizes you need, we'll take a look, review CAD drawings and see if it's been created in the past. If it hasn't, we'll need to create a pattern and a minimum quantity would need to be ordered to cover the cost of the pattern.

We'll turn them around for you as quickly as possible

We'll look at the casting requirements and determine whether we have it in stock or if we'll need to have it cast in the foundry. If it is in stock, the time frame will depend on the current work schedule. If it needs to be cast, it will depend on the schedule of the foundry. As soon as they're back from the foundry, we'll put them into our production line for machining using our CNC machine. The entire production run is completed on one side, then the other side will be run to ensure consistent quality.

We make sure they're right

The pieces are gauged, measured and tested for pits or imperfections. The adapters are outfitted with a flare nut or compression nut with a grip gasket. A leather gasket is provided for the female thread going onto the lead flare valve. When leather gets wet, it swells, creating a good seal. Because older existing parts may have imperfections or damage, the leather creates a better seal.

We'll ship them to you

Like all our 100% lead-free brass products, your flange adapter will be packaged in a heavy cardboard box with brown mill paper to protect the part. We're happy to ship across the United States, Canada or wherever they need to go. That's it!

Finding the right lead flange adapter can seem difficult at first, but with Team Red Hed, you'll have the right solution in no time. If you need help finding the right solution for your water utility issue, please feel free to contact us today.

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