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4 Reasons to Downsize Your Meters

4 Reasons to Downsize Your Meters

In the waterworks industry, meters are installed to meet current or expected future needs at a home or business. But what about when demand actually decreases or expected expansions don't take place? A common approach is to downsize the water meter at that site. But what are the benefits of downsizing meters that meet this criteria and how do they help ensure customer satisfaction? In this piece, we'll take a solid look at several reasons why meters are downsized and how they benefit your customers.

1. Lower Rates of Failure

Smaller meters have lower rates of failure, which means fewer emergency calls in the middle of the night. When your customers don't have to deal with sudden, unexpected problems with their meter, they tend to be happier with their overall service, especially if they've had long-lasting water outages due to failing meters in the past. Fewer failing meters also means that your waterworks service is spending less time and money on meters replacement, allowing you to use them in other parts of your system where they are most needed.

2. Less Maintenance

Maintenance on Water Meter

Smaller meters require lower maintenance, which allows your waterworks team to focus on the areas of your system that really need work. Instead of spending as much time in standard regular maintenance tasks, your crew can be focusing on finding leaks, patching problem areas and other areas of waterworks management that often fall by the wayside when maintenance time comes around again.

3. Lower Base Service Rates

The other benefits combine to allow you to lower your base service rates for smaller meters than for the larger ones that are currently in place. Property owners like paying lower rates for the same service, so installing a smaller meter gives them the best of both worlds. Because the savings is based on the higher level of reliability in smaller meters, lower maintenance costs and increased customer satisfaction, they combine so you can charge lower base service rates for your clients.

4. Sustainable / Green Options

Downsizing your meters gives your waterworks organization another sustainable and green option for promotional purposes. Everyone today is all about going green and leading more sustainable lives. A 1990 to 1992 study of downsized meters in Boston showed that with the new meters, the city's waterworks department saved over 100,000 gallons of water daily, or enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool every 6.5 days or so, equaling significant water loss savings.

Now that you know a bit more about why downsizing your meters actually makes great sense for both your waterworks system and the clients you serve, it's time to consider where to go from here. If you are considering downsizing meters, why not contact Red Hed Manufacturing today for more details on how we can help the process go more smoothly for you and your clients? At Team Red Hed, we're dedicated to providing quality waterwork components as well as innovative new products to help you do your job faster and more easily.


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